Fumigation 101: What You Need To Know About Fumigations

You can expect a fumigation to last about 3 days. Occasionally, arrangements can be made to have it “cleared” on the second day, or even extend into 4 days. Weekends and holidays may also affect the timeline.

There are preparations that you must make prior to fumigating. All this will be discussed with you by our inspector and/or office.

Day One:

  • Fans are installed inside the structure to circulate the gas.
  • The structure is covered with fumigation tarps.
  • Warning signs are posted on each corner, seam, and doorway.
  • Doors are secured, but some windows may be open
  • Chloropicrin (a tear gas/warning agent) and Vikane gas is released inside the structure.

Day Two:

  • The fumigation tarp is opened for ventilation.
  • Signs are posted on all windows and doorways.
  • The gas is aired out with the help of fans.
  • Doors are secured, but some windows may be left open.

Day Three:

  • The tarp is removed.
  • The structure is checked to assure that there are no pockets of gas remaining.
  • Doors are secured.
  • A sign is posted that “clears” the structure for re-entry.
  •  You are now “cleared” to re-enter the structure.

For more information about fumigations, please visit the following video:

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