How to get ride of bed bugs effectively.

If you suspect bed bugs, the first thing you should is call a professional.  Also, try to catch one and put it in a container or ziplock.  They are easy to catch and will not bite.

Our trained technicians will examine the bug you caught and confirm whether it is a bedbug or not.  Upon confirmation, we will inspect the infested bedroom(s) and other rooms that may have bed bugs.  Remember, they can hide anywhere, so inspections may be difficult.  

We will then discuss control options with you.  We will develop a customized plan to rid your home of these blood sucking pests.  This is a team effort and if you don’t follow instructions completely, it may be impossible to rid your home of bed bugs.  

Remember the multi-unit housing discussed above?  It may be that treating your home is simply not enough because the bed bugs are travelling from another unit.  This creates a treatment delimma because there may be many units infestated.  In these cases, we may recommend a full tent fumigation.  A fumigatiion will kill all bed bugs and their eggs.

In the meantime, you can start ridding potential nesting areas by washing all bed sheets, blankets, linens, and clothing in hot water and dry on the hot cycle.  The heat will kill bedbugs.  Also, toys, shoes, electronics, etc, place in a black plastic bag, seal the bag, and place outside in the sun for 1 – 2 days.  The heat build up in the sealed plastic bag may also kill the bed bugs.

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