Do Do you get bed bugs?


There are countless ways to get bed bugs.  Below are just a few ways to get these undesired pests:  

Infested furniture or contaminated, used clothing are a common way to bring bed bugs into a household. The furniture does not necessarily have to have been previously owned or discarded, brand new furniture or mattresses can be exposed to bed bugs during storage or in delivery vehicles. Just think about buying a new mattress.  The company hauls out the old, used mattresses from homes and transports new mattresses in that same truck.  If they removed a bed bug infested mattress, that truck possibly is now transporting bed bugs, just waiting to hitch a ride on another mattress or furniture.  Used clothing that had been previously obtained through borrowing, second hand purchases, or through donations may have be infested if the clothing is unwashed.  Toys such as stuffed dolls or other bedroom items can also be infested.

There are also many other ways in which homes can become infested with bed bugs.   One common way is for them to be picked up while traveling or when staying at temporary lodging such as hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, vacation rentals, motels, etc.  Anyplace that is temporary housing has an increased chance to become infested.  

You may also get bed bugs traveling between multi-unit housing such as condominiums, dormitories, and apartment buildings.  Like any population, as it grows, it spreads.  Also, visiting a home where bedbugs are present, or having visitors that have bedbugs, may be the cause of your infestation.  

Your child may be bring bed bugs home from school.  It is as simple as placing his/her backpack next to, or near, another child’s backpack that has bed bugs.  School buses, or public transportation, is another way to get these pesky pests.

Another problem of bed bug infestations in multi-unit housing is the disposal of infested furniture.  Has the furniture been properly sealed to prevent bedbugs and/or their eggs from dropping from the furniture?  Or has the furniture been dragged through common areas, which can result in bedbugs and/or their eggs dropping off the furniture and potentially entering your residence.

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